First & Second Residential Mortgage Solutions

At Brillion Lending Advisors Inc., we provide first and second mortgage solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We understand the different needs of our customers, and fully assess the options available, and provide the best solutions possible to make getting a residential first and second low cost mortgage possible.

We offer advice to people from all backgrounds to help them obtain a low-cost mortgage. Whether you are new to Canada, are self-employed, or if there are credit concerns, we have an experienced team ready to advise and guide you through the mortgage process.

If you are taking on a residential first or second mortgage, BLA Brillion Lending Advisors Inc. offers a full range of services to assist you including:
  • Improving your cash flow through the consolidation of debts
  • Converting home equity into cash to help finance home repairs, renovations or another large expense
  • Helping you obtain a return on your home equity with investments

We work with all our customers to ensure to provide the best offerings for:
  • Low cost mortgage options with competitive rates
  • Bridge loan and construction loans
  • Home equity and debt consolidation
  • High ratio second mortgage options

Our team at Brillion Lending Advisors have well established relationships with some of Canada’s most competitive financial services institutions so that we can provide our clients with the best information, resources and rates on the products and services we offer.

To hear more about how we can assist you with your first and second mortgage needs, or if you have further questions on other services we provide, please contact us.

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